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TIS SAID A HORSESHOE BRINGS GOOD LUCK ...View shows a golden horseshoe and poem, 1900s - POEM

Used postally; FAIR condition with minor edge wear and some creasing, otherwise fine for age (See Scan) ,Partial unreadable DUPLEX cancel from GARN(?)/SEP/26/130PM/19(?)/IOW(A)

topic: Good luck
added: 2019-03-23 17:18:07

only $2.15

Monmouth Massachusetts
GOOD LUCK ...View shows a couple of horseshoes with purple ribbon and red and white flowers, early 1910s

Used postally; GOOD condition with minor edge wear, small torn corner upper left and postal bleed, otherwise fine for age (See Scan) ,FLAG type B14 (blank) cancel from MONMOUTH/AUG 10/11-AM/19 10/ILL.
topic: Good Luck
added: 2014-08-24 11:33:04

only $2.15

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